"Teach Me Sex" with Tess Deveze from ConnectAble Therapies


“Teach Me Sex” is an educational series to learn about all the different ways humans have sex, express their sexuality, and joys and complications of connecting with others.  We ask the same 5 questions every time.  And while we are, highlighting diverse ways of engagement and different experiences, I also want to encourage you to consider ways you can relate and how some of what you might hear helps you understand yourself a little bit better. 

“Teach Me Sex” is explicit, honest, and intimate.  We want to disclose is that not everyone publicly shares about themselves as sexual beings, actually most do not, and that is ok – that does not mean they aren’t sexual or aren’t empowered by their sexuality.  Said frankly, let’s not sexualize people who do share, asexualize people who don’t, or generalize what we hear today to other people who share identities with our guests.    We’re delighted by our guest who use self-disclosure as a form of education and they do so because education is a part of their personal and professional missions.  “Teach Me Sex” is all about the more you know, the more you know!



So now that you've heard a lived narrative, want to get the skills to go further in supporting the sexual needs/desires of individuals with breast cancer?

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Tess is a wealth of knowledge pearls for the sexuality and intimacy OT enthusiast.  Check out their online resources and get cozy with all they have to offer! 

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