Hi, I'm Kathryn!  I'm a Doctor of Occupational Therapy, AASECT Certified Sexuality Counselor, and Pleasure Enthusiast.  I started addressing sexuality and intimacy as a brand new grad at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in 2011.  At Walter Reed, I developed the Occupational Therapy Sexuality & Intimacy Clinic and, for the last 4 years I worked there, was the full time clinician for the clinic. In 2017, I developed the Institute for Sex, Intimacy & Occupational Therapy to fill the gap in sexuality related education and guidance for occupational therapy professionals.  I left Walter Reed to start my private practice, Dr. Kathryn Ellis Sexual Wellness Counseling in 2020.  Additionally, I have experience as an educator, researcher, mentor, consultant, project manager, author, and textbook editor. 

Interested in customized staff training, curriculum development, mentorship, consulting, or project management?  Let's chat!  Email me at [email protected] 

And lastly, I want to give shout out to the people who've supported me as I've grown.  I'm joined by a team of sexuality experts, fellow sexuality OT professionals, and students who share my passion and contribute through external reviews, scholarly discussion, collaboration, constructive feedback, consultation, and fellow trailblazing! 


Kathryn's Books:

Ellis, K., & Ungco, J. C. (Eds.). (in press). Sexuality and intimacy: An occupational therapy approach. AOTA Press.

Ellis, K., & Hoffman, D. (in progress).  Sexuality and Intimacy Workbook for People with Limb Loss & Limb Difference.  Amputee Coalition & VA Amputee System of Care.

Ellis, K., & Dennison, C. (2014). Sex and Intimacy for Wounded Veterans: A Guide to Embracing Change. Los Angeles, California: The Sager Group.

Youtube and Podcast interviews:


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Kathryn’s Publications:

Ellis, K. M., Nordstrom, M. J., Bach, K. E., Gover-Chamlou, A. N., Messinger, S., Isaacson, B., & Pasquina, P. F. (2021). Sexuality and Intimacy Rehabilitation for the Military Population: Case Series. Sexuality and Disability, 39(2), 231–243. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11195-021-09680-5

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