Our mission is to dismantle restrictive norms related to sexuality and intimacy which limit clients and limit ourselves.  We strive to promote understanding, respect, and empowerment for individuals as sexual beings through all of our engagements.  We have yet to achieve this goal for the Institute, and for the profession, but we are in active pursuit and welcome feedback!  

Kathryn and her team are earnestly working towards this mission by filling the gap in sexuality related education and guidance for occupational therapy professionals through continuing education.  You can use these education services to enhance your competency and confidence related to sexuality and intimacy. 

Our customers are occupational therapy clinicians, professors, and students and we are committed to providing quality products for their development and advancement.


Occupational therapy professionals and the clients they serve deserve Sex-positive, current, culturally relevant, holistic, and trauma-informed definitions of sexual activity and intimate social participation to guide intervention.  

These are the Institute for Sex, Intimacy and Occupational Therapy's 2020 official definitions which will be revised annually or sooner if necessary.  Please contact Kathryn with comments or suggested revisions. 

SEXUAL ACTIVITY: the broad possibilities of sexual expression and sexual experiences engaged in with self or others, requiring communication skills and informed by preferences, context, habits, and routines.  Sexual expression and experiences can result in a variety of outcomes such as fulfillment , affirmation, satisfaction, pleasure, attachment, relaxation, reproduction, assault, transmission of disease, remorse, and communication of one's identities, gender values, and beliefs.  

INTIMATE PARTNER SOCIAL PARTICIPATION: social interactions with potential, current, and past intimate partners, requiring communication skills and emotional regulation skills, and informed by habits, routines, and patterns.  Intimate partners may or may not engage in sexual activity.




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