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Digital Continuing Education

Learn the skills to be a  Sex and Intimacy Champion for your clients with The Institute's full Certification or individual courses. 

The Institute for Sex, Intimacy and Occupational Therapy is an AOTA Approved Provider for CEUs


Mentorship & Consultation

Individuals: Improve your clinical or academic practice, brain storm, and learn the how-to's about sex and intimacy and program development with 1:1 mentorship.

Organizations: Project management, consultation, and curriculum development for your sex and intimacy education initiatives.

Consult with Kathryn

Custom Interdisciplinary Training

Collaborate with Kathryn to host an innovative training at your setting.  Available in-person or live webinar format.

Workshops, live webinars, lectures, round-tables discussions, Q&As sessions, and case study reviews.

Customize with Kathryn

"I had no idea where to start. Now able to talk to clients more comfortably about sexuality, to give them the opportunity to discuss the topic, and to help problem-solve."

"The course set up was great for learning, loved the self-paced approach"

"These courses are amazing. This is no easy topic to cover in clinical practice and these courses are essential."

You know sexuality is important but...

Never learned this in school?
No idea how to bring sexual and intimate topics up with clients?
Don't want to offend your clients?
Feel awkward?
Don't know how to include sexuality and intimacy in your curriculum?
Want to hone your skills?


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