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Sexuality and Intimacy throughout Lifespan

OTs need to consider sexuality womb to tomb.  Learn the basics of sexuality and intimacy with this course which focuses on physical, cognitive, and emotional aspects of sexuality.  After learning strategies for intervention, you'll know how to execute a change in your clinical practice tomorrow!

The Typical Treatment Session: How To's and Expert Advice

Sexuality + occupational therapy practice can look in different settings, develop your plan to get referrals and communicate with other professionals about your unique skill set and offerings. Generalize information from the case studies to apply to your clinical practice or the practice you want.

Assistive Devices for Sexual Activity

Assistive devices are a staple of occupational therapy.  Learn about a variety of toys and positioning aids, why and when to recommend them, and the sensory experience each toy can produce.  While all my courses are exciting, this one is extra juicy and a bit of a show and tell! There are many ways OTs can suggest clients enhance their pleasure, and this course gets you using that mindset.

Occupational Therapy and LGBTQIA+ Affirmative Care

This course is different from our other courses in that it is about LGBTQIA+ Affirmative Care in ALL settings. Often LGBTQIA+ people have negative experiences when receiving services from healthcare providers, contributing to health disparities across LGBTQIA+ populations. OTs must be able to recognize their biases and implement population responsive care for LGBTQIA+ communities.

10% of sales from this course is gifted to The Network for LGBTQIA+ Concerns in Occupational Therapy .

Guided Self-Reflection of Sexuality Values, Beliefs, Attitudes, & Bias

Self-reflection of one's sexuality beliefs is evidence-based and best-practice for sexuality curriculum for healthcare providers.  Through the lens of cultural humility, we’ll discuss how our own sexuality values, beliefs, attitudes, and biases can impact our work with clients - and what we can do to improve them.

This is a live virtual group workshop offered 6 times a year.  After you enroll, you'll be provided with a link to reserve your spot.

1:1 Mentorship

The often missing piece to acquiring new knowledge and skills to enhance your practice is understanding how to grow your practice or program.  I am passionate about you developing your program.  I'm here to workshop your specific questions and provide guidance.  I'll share my lessons learned and best practices I've developed along the way.  

Z. Johnson, COTA

Certified Sexuality OT

"The whole Sex-Savvy OT was valuable - Kathryn gave a very good overview of sexuality in OT, which is not an easy thing to do.  Then she helps you consider how this could look in your clinical practice.  She hit on lots of important points. I particularly found the suggestions for intervention great.  The Guided Self-Reflection was a safe space to reflect on my own sexual identity and it's relationship to my practice.  It helped me realize that what is normal for me, may not be normal for someone else"

C. Molinar, OTR/L

Certified Sexuality OT

"I felt that verbal explanations and examples from practice were most helpful. When Kathryn shares her clinical experiences it really makes it seem that addressing sex in practice is doable.  The 1:1 mentoring helped me integrate this new skills set into focusing on just exactly what I want to do with it.  After a few months and meeting with Kathryn over time, I've developed new referral sources and am thrilled by all the clients I am actually addressing sexuality with." 

V. Babik, OTR/L

LGBTQIA+ Affirmative Care

“The fact that there were two presenters, who identify differently in terms of pronouns, sexual preference, & sexual orientation. It offered a broader perspective and it didn't feel like cultural voyeurism. As a gay man myself I really appreciated Dr. Robinson's presence, participation and perspectives.  I have taken all of Kathryn's other courses and, for me, this was a great refresher on affirmative care for these folks.” 

You didn't learn this is school, so now what?

You're wondering if this is even something OTs address?

Or maybe you know this is important, but don't even know where to start?  You leave treatment sessions and think "I should have brought it up"

You're worried about offending clients?  Or getting in trouble for some other reason?

You just don't feel confident, and know your clients deserve better.

You wonder how your own personal sexual views could be impacting your understanding of your client.

Or maybe you've been addressing sexuality and want to hone your skills but there's just not that much out there...  


Let's Do This Together

When I first started addressing sexuality with my clients, I didn’t really know where to begin. Sometimes I just didn't bring it up, and then I felt guilty that I wasn’t fully practicing as a holistic OT. I was frustrated because I feel like this topic was barely touched on when I was in OT school - and the online resources for OTs at the time weren’t much better. So, I spent a ton of time diving into what research I could find and found that most of it was from outside our profession and not necessarily the most relevant to my practice. So, I took extensive training and honed my skills by working with hundreds of clients.  After developing the Occupational Therapy Sexuality and Intimacy Program at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, I set out on my own and now have a thriving private practice.  I want to share everything I know with you through mentorship and education, so you can also help your clients thrive in these meaningful occupations.  

Kathryn Ellis (she/her), OTR/L, OTD, ASSECT-SC

Founder Institute for Sex, Intimacy & Occupational Therapy


Become a Certified Sexuality OT Practitioner

Certified Sexuality OT only



  • Sexuality and Intimacy throughout Lifespan
  • The Typical Treatment Session: How To's and Expert Advice
  • Assistive Devices for Sexual Activity
  • Occupational Therapy and LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Practice
  • Guided Self-Reflection of Sexuality Values, Beliefs, Attitudes, and Bias: Live virtual workshop
  • 0.6 CEU / 6 Contact Hours on completion of course requirements.  All courses are pre-recorded

Certified Sexuality OT + 1:1 Mentoring



  • Sexuality and Intimacy throughout Lifespan
  • The Typical Treatment Session: How To's and Expert Advice
  • Assistive Devices for Sexual Activity
  • Occupational Therapy and LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Practice
  • Guided Self-Reflection of Sexuality Values, Beliefs, Attitudes, and Bias: Live virtual workshop 
  • 0.6 CEU / 6 Contact Hours on completion of course requirements.  All courses are pre-recorded
  • 2 Individual Coaching Calls


I began addressing sexuality and intimacy with my client basically day 1… and it was terrifying! While I had no special training, as OT school certainly did not prepare me for this, and I truly felt like I was winging it, I saw that this mattered to my clients and they benefited from a space to discuss their sexuality and intimacy questions and concerns. Do you ever feel this way? Like you know sexuality is extremely meaningful to clients, but feel totally unequipped to even bring up the topic, or anxious about not being able to address their concerns once they get to talking?  Or maybe you're getting push back from your supervisor & coworkers?

I’ve been there.

I was there in the beginning as a new grad and even now, as a seasoned (spicy- extra hot) OT, I am still learning.

The holistic aspect of sexuality which influences and depends on environment, context, client factors, activity demands, and performance skills makes OTs perfectly situated to address sexuality and intimacy.  This is "so OT" and we were made for this work, so let's make this easier for you!  Whether your just getting started or want to hone your skills and develop your program, you will feel ready and excited to help your clients thrive.  

As a Certified Sexuality OT, you will:
  • Feel confident navigating a conversation about sex and intimacy
  • Understand the break down of sex and intimacy and how body, mind, and environment impact experiences
  • Recognize and reconcile your sexuality biases to provide client centered care and reduce harm
  • Develop your sexuality practice, talk to other professionals, and get referrals
  • Have access to resources and handouts to use in your clinical practice
  • Earn certificates of completion for 6 CEU credits that can be used for license renewal 
  • Watch two bonus mock sexuality OT interviews
  • Level up with 1:1 mentoring: Inquire, learn, and practice with Kathryn 1:1.  Tailored fully to your needs, Kathryn will offer live virtual mentorship at a mutually agreed upon time
Mock Interview & Analysis

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