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Feel competent and confident addressing sexy time occupations with  your clients!
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Permanent CEU Offerings

With The Institute's CEU courses you will learn...

- How to change your practice to confidently address sexuality with clients. 

- Strategies for intervention related to sexuality and intimacy. 

- Strategies to navigate your own discomfort discussing sex with clients.

- Strategies for interventions to promote affirming care for often minoritized individuals & those impacted by health disparities.



Plus you get!

- Access to handouts to deepen your own learning and handouts for clients 

-  Ways to establish yourself as the sexuality OT specialist 

- A community of OTs dedicated to learning about and developing sexuality and OT practice

-1:1 coaching, tailored recommendations for your setting

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The Sex Savvy OT enrollment is closed until early 2022.  

Sex-Savvy OT

There's plenty of ways to learn today!  Check out our permanent collection of CEU offerings, including a FREE CEU!  

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